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Current customers who wish to access technical support should file a new ticket using the Micro-D Customer Portal

At Micro Division we take pride in our commitment to providing high levels of on-going proactive and reactive support and monitoring for our clients. We judge this as one of our hallmarks and the cornerstone of our enterprise. Given the complexities of modern IT systems, receiving excellent support is for you a necessity and for us, an opportunity to flex our muscle!

Although our key business procedures are well documented, and we have automated many work-flow processes, we still believe that direct one-on-one interaction with our technical experts cannot be replaced. Read here about how we respond to your support calls, how we monitor your LinExchange servers, and what our “problem escalation” sequence is.

Help Desk

Each support call from you to our Help Desk is rated according its level of urgency or severity.

Response Times

Severity Description Our Response Response Time
Critical An incident which renders your business unable to function. Rapid response and attempt at resolution. You must be provided with meaningful updates every hour during resolution. 1 hour
Major Impact of the incident on your business is limited and does not stop you from functioning. Timeous response and resolution.
You must be provided with meaningful updates every two hours during resolution.
1 day
Minor Impact of the incident on your business is minimal. It’s not necessary for us to find alternatives to your continued functioning. But the current situation is not conforming to your normal expectations. You must be provided with meaningful updates every 2 days during resolution. 1 week


We monitor all our clients’ LinExchange servers.

  • You no doubt expect your business IT to “just happen”
  • You expect to be notified of problems before they occur
  • And you expect a longer-term commitment from us.

That’s why we monitor our clients’ LinExchange servers relentlessly!

It’s also why our Linux technicians are specially trained to seek out tell-tale signs of problems before they occur.
And why we have developed special monitoring systems, such as Sysrep7.

Technically speaking, with Sysrep7, we monitor things like:

  • The functioning of LinExchange’s underlying Linux operating system
  • LinExchange’s disk space
  • LinExchange’s memory usage
  • Was there any unusual behaviour on the systems?
  • Were there any attempts to hack into the system?
  • Were there any unusual reboots, and so on.

Rest assured, when you join us, you have our commitment!


Our “official” escalation sequence is shown below.

However, when you sign up with us, you’ll soon realise that you can contact anyone at any time.
Just call and enjoy being able to speak to just the right person when you really need to!

Of course, each business’ needs are different, so be sure to contact us to obtain more detailed information and costs that are specific to your situation and requirements. In addition, we provide a number of products tailored specifically to address the needs of cost-conscious businesses. Don’t risk your valuable business information by trying to go it alone! Contact Us  now for more information. Remember, there is absolutely no obligation when you call or email.

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